WHEEL STUD & NUT KIT I BMW F & G Series inc M2,M3,M4


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Remove and refit your wheels regularly? Then you’ll know how frustrating the factory wheel bolts can be: lining up the bolt holes, bashing your callipers with the wheel, trying to avoid cross-threading the bolts. All while balancing the weight of the wheel.

The MMR Performance Stud & Nut Kit gives a stronger fixing method than using the original wheel bolts. Plus they’re a much quicker method to swap wheels for motorsport/track use as well. For all cars with M14x1.25 nuts - from BMW F-Series and Mini F56 onwards.

  • Converting your car to our Stud & Nut Kit is a simple, reversible upgrade that will speed up your wheel changes.
  • Our Stud & Nut Kit also allow for the safe use of different spacer size setups without the risk of running out of bolt threads.
  • Beautiful midnight-black gloss anodised finish on the nuts will smarten up your car’s looks as well as its practicality.
  • Both conical and ball seat lug nuts are available to suit either factory or aftermarket wheels.
We offer two different stud lengths, depending on your fitment:
  • 70mm Stud:  No spacers, or up to 10mm spacer
  • 80mm Stud:  Spacers between 10mm to 20mm

We also offer two different nut types, depending on what type of wheels you are running: Ball Seat nuts or Conical Seat nuts.

Please check which type your wheels require, it's important to get it right! Note that most OEM wheels use the Conical Seat nuts.

Stronger Fixing

M14 x 1.25 High Tensile Steel Motorsport Studs and larger anodised Wheel Nuts exceed the strength of the factory bolts for ultimate strength and safety.


Quick Wheel Changes

Stud and Nut kits are suited to any car that sees track use with regular wheel swaps. The studs really help to speed things up when you are trackside.

Easy Installation

These studs screw in place of your original wheel bolts with allen drive inserts to make installation a breeze. Plus easily removed in future.


Precision engineered; for perfect performance!

  • M14 x 1.25 heat treated high carbon steel stud with chrome plated finish
  • Lightweight M14 x 1.25 7000-series aluminium open-ended nuts with gloss anodised nuts
  • Internal 6mm allen stud drive for accurate fixations
  • Knurled outer collar for much easier finger grip
  • 8mm of unthreaded stud shank for brake disc clearance
  • Oversize 19mm nuts – greater surface area for contact & ease of use


Thread length (Hub side): 13mm

Thread length (Nut Side): 50mm

Overall stud length: 70mm

Thread length (Hub side): 13mm

Thread length (Nut Side): 60 mm

Overall stud length: 80mm


  • Max Vehicle Weight 2500KG
  • This is not a ‘Locking’ or Security solution
  • As with all anodised finishes, do not clean these nuts with aggressive acidic or alkaline cleaners otherwise the finish will be damaged.​
  • Use only pH balanced cleaners (ie, non-acid, non-alkaline, non-solvents). Never use ANY type of wheel cleaner or any chemicals including abrasive compounds on the nuts. We recommend washing with water and mild soap. We advise against using commercial carwashes who use aggressive chemicals such as TFR.



Multiple fitments for BMW and MINI. All vehicles with M14 x 1.25 studs:

 Key models:

  • All BMW Fxx models 2011-2017
  • All BMW Gxx models 2018+
  • All Mini R56 models 2007-2014
  • All Mini F56 models 2014+


  • Remove the wheels and clean the threads in the hub and the short ends of the new studs using a suitable solvent such as brake cleaner. Ensure the threads are totally free from dirt and grease.
  • Before you fit the stud, check that the shank (the plain section between inner and outer threads) passes easily through the disc holes and you are not bottoming the stud on the brake disc.
  • Coat the threads on the short end of the stud with a thin covering of Loctite Blue 2422 (high temp rated to 650°F - it’s important to use a high temperature-rated Loctite that exceeds hub temps).
  • Using a 6mm Allen Key, screw the short end of the stud into the hub until you reach the shank.
  • Wait about three hours for the Loctite to go off fully and refit wheels with the new nuts using 19mm socket. Lower the vehicle back onto the floor and torque the wheel nuts to the factory specification of the original lug bolts.
  • Recheck the torque of the studs after 30mins of driving once the whole assembly has got hot.


Additional information

Weight 5 kg


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Chassis Version

F1X, F2X, F3X, F4X, F87, F8x, G4X, G8x, R56, G87

MMR Options

Ball Seat, Conical / Tapered Seat

MMR Options 2

70mm, 80mm