Audi Specialist Servicing

Audi Specialist Servicing in King’s Lynn, Norfolk

A Reeve, your independent Audi specialist and servicing garage in King’s Lynn, Norfolk will service your car in accordance with the manufacturer’s intervals. Ensuring your Audi vehicle is maintained to the highest standard at all times. Although this listing is for AUDI, all VAG Group vehicles are applicable


This will depend on your driving style and the service schedule your car has been set to. Two different service schedules: the fixed Inspection Service and the flexible LongLife Service schedule. The conventional fixed Inspection Service schedule has fixed intervals for both the Oil-change Service and the Inspection Service, which are determined by time and distance (see table below). With the flexible LongLife Service schedule, the Inspection Service intervals are also fixed but the Oil-change Service intervals are flexible. Sensors take account of driving style and conditions to determine when the Oil-change Service is required and the driver is informed via the on-board service interval display (via MMI) If you are unsure which service is due, give us a call or pop in to our Kings Lynn workshop.

Interim Service

Work performed in this package:

  • Engine oil is removed and replaced with new high quality Mobil 1 oil
  • Engine oil filter is replaced with genuine Audi filter
  • Service interval indicator reset
  • Full vehicle scan for current fault codes
  • Suspension joints/gaiters checked for wear
  • Tyre condition and tread depth checked including spare
  • Tyre pressures reset – TPMS Reset
  • Steering joints/gaiters checked for wear
  • Screen wash topped up
  • Coolant level and strength checked /topped up
  • PAS level checked/topped up
  • Lights checked and bulbs replaced where necessary
  • Pollen (cabin) filter replaced with genuine Audi part
  • Instrument panel, warning lights, dashboard illumination, and heater blower fan are checked
  • Horn checked
  • Brake system cables and connections are checked for leaks, damage and correct positioning

Inspection/Full Service

In addition to Oil Change Service: Audi Body/electrical equipment

  • Seat belts: condition of seat belt, function of automatic-locking retractor, belt lock and belt buckle are checked
  • Acid level and state-of-charge in battery are checked and charged if required

Audi Engine compartment

  • Test with diagnostic system is performed to determine if any faults had been automatically recorded by the vehicle
  • Engine oil and oil filter changed with Mobil 1 oil and OE filter or Genuine
  • Service interval indicator is reset according to factory specifications
  • Air Filter replaced (when required) Genuine parts
  • Spark Plugs replaced (when required) Genuine parts
  • Fuel Filter replaced (when required) Genuine parts

Audi Undercarriage

  • Wheels removed and thickness of front and rear disc brake pads is checked. Wheel centering hubs on light-alloy wheels are cleaned to remove oxidisation
  • Undercarriage and body including all visible parts are checked for damage, leakage, corrosion
  • Functionality of parking brake is checked and adjusted
  • Tyre pressure is checked and adjusted (including spare wheel), external condition and tread depth measured
  • Roadworthiness is checked, including brakes, steering/power steering, clutch, shock absorbers, control and warning lamps
  • Gearbox oil level checked/topped up
  • DSG oil/filter change (when required)
  • Haldex oil/filter replaced (when required)

Audi Final inspection on ALL servicing

  • Roadworthiness is checked, including brakes, steering/power steering, clutch, shock absorbers, control and warning lamps