Porsche Specialist Servicing

A Reeve – your independent Porsche service centre in King’s Lynn, will service your car in accordance with Porsche intervals. Ensuring your vehicle is maintained to the highest standard at all times. Porsche vehicles require that little bit more expertise and tooling which A Reeve are proud to be able to offer.


Porsche servicing is indicated by instrument cluster display or scheduled servicing We recommend servicing at indicated time or every 12 months regardless of mileage to ensure your Porsche is kept in top condition If you are unsure which service is due, give us a call or pop in to our Kings Lynn workshop.

Interim Service

Work performed in this package:

  • Engine oil is removed and replaced with only approved MOBIL 1 Oil
  • Engine oil filter is replaced with OE filter or genuine depending on customer choice
  • Service interval indicator reset (if applicable)
  • Complete vehicle diagnostic check and report
  • Suspension joints/gaiters checked for wear
  • Tyre condition and tread depth checked including spare (check mobility expiry date if applicable)
  • Tyre pressures reset
  • Steering joints/gaiters checked for wear
  • Screen wash topped up
  • Coolant level and strength checked/topped up
  • PAS level checked/topped up
  • Lights checked and bulbs replaced where necessary
  • Pollen (cabin) filter replaced
  • Instrument panel, warning lights, dashboard illumination, and heater blower fan are checked
  • Horn checked
  • Brake system cables and connections are checked for leaks, damage and correct positioning
  • Visually check fuel tank, lines, and connections for leaks
  • Check condition, position, and mounting of exhaust system. Examine for leaks
  • Check power steering system for leaks
  • Check overall thickness of front and rear disc brake pads
  • Examine brake disc surfaces
  • Check front control arm bushing for wear.
  • Rear main seal and IMS visually inspected using bore scope

Full Service

Everything in the Interim Service +


  • Drain and replace differential oil
  • Drain and replace gear oil (including PDK)
  • Remove brake pads and clean
  • HUNTER wheel alignment

Engine compartment

  • Brake fluid change
  • Check coolant level and antifreeze protection level, drain and replace if required
  • Check windshield washer fluid level and antifreeze protection. Fill up and/or correct if necessary
  • Check air conditioner for operation and coldness
  • Replace spark plugs
  • Valve clearances are checked and adjusted ( a full printed report is also given)

Final Inspection regardless of service level

  • Road test with check of brakes, suspension, steering, clutch/manual transmission or automatic transmission