HUNTER 3D Wheel Alignment in King’s Lynn

We offer the latest in HUNTER 3D camera wheel alignment from only £75 inc VAT, carried out at our specialist performance workshop in King’s Lynn, Norfolk. This great piece of kit allows us to hook your car up to our computer and know exactly how far out your wheels are from where they should be, even if they are only out by 0.1 mm!

Wheel alignment has never been simpler with the HUNTER 3D.
The HUNTER 3D wheel alignment machine works to adjust the angle of your wheels, restoring them as per your car manufacturer’s specifications.
There are many benefits to carrying out wheel alignment, including preventing future wear and tear of you car and steering and ensuring your vehicle travels straight without any “pulling” or veering to one side. Wheel alignment can enhance the safety of your vehicle while prolonging the life of your tires, providing a smoother driving experience and preventing potential expensive, future repair bills.

We also offer suspension corner weighting and set up – contact us for your individual requirements.

The Wheel Alignment Process

When you bring your car into our King’s Lynn workshop for wheel alignment, we will carry out a series of pre-alignment checks before we begin, to ensure that your car is fit for alignment.

Some of these checks include:
  • Checking the tyre pressure to ensure it is not too high or low, which can affect the car’s handling and the wear and tear rate of the tyres.
  • We will also spend some time checking the tyre wear as this can actually tell us a lot about the alignment of your car’s wheels. For example, if we can see your types are more worn on one side, then we know that the alignment of your wheels is out! The wear and tear of your tyres will also tell us if your tyres are legal!
  • We will also check that your steering and suspension components are not showing too many signs of wear and tear

When we have performed our pre-alignment checks we will begin the process of aligning your car’s wheels.

There are several steps to wheel alignment
  • We start by putting your car’s make, model and manufacturer details into the HUNTER 3D system
  • The HUNTER 3D machine then notifies us of any manufacturer specification requirements set out, such as vehicle ride height before we begin
  • After attaching some special clamps to your wheels, we will carry out a series of tests on the machine to take into account any errors in the wheel rims or the positioning of the wheel targets (this will help ensure our readings are as accurate as possible).
  • We can now calculate the alignment of each wheel, in 3-dimensional readings.
  • We move the wheels in the directions as directed by the Hunter 3D to help the HUNTER produce the final readings
  • The final readings are then printed out and we will show and explain these to you
  • If alignment is needed we will carefully carry this out after selecting the wheels that need alignment on the computer screen. This allows us to see the new wheel alignment position live as we carry out the work.
  • Once the angles of our alignment are within the manufacturer’s specification, we are done!
  • After all of the adjustments are completed, a second set of results will be printed out and your car will be ready to drive off!

Our wheel alignment service is suitable for all types of vehicles and cars, from performance vehicles such as BMW M or Porsche to a family car.  If you would like any more information or would like to get your car booked in for wheel alignment or suspension setup, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.

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