Speed Engineering Track Front Brake Cooling Kit BMW F87 M2 Competition

£590.00 (£491.67 excl. VAT)

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*From now on made of high-quality Kevlar Carbon!*

In order to transport the air to the outlet of the brake ventilation, a suitable inlet is essential. the M2 Competition already has intake ducts in the front bumper ex works, but these end in the middle of the wheel housing.

In order not to randomly swirl the air in the wheel arch, we have developed an extension of the air duct, which can be installed with minimal effort and guides the air around the wheel and connects a connection via a 40 cm long hose (per side) to the outlet.


anchor plates

The matching anchor plates with a connection for the central flow of air.

We use the channeling of the airflow to center of the brake disc to use the turbine effect to cool the disc from the inside. In doing so, we target the pane at an angle so as not to suffer any wastage and to use the available air volume as efficiently as possible.

Due to the light construction in combination with powdered aluminum, the component is sufficiently strong and at the same time light and insensitive.



  • Air ducts inlet for the front axle 1x left 1x right with connection for 51 mm air hose
  • 2x mounting screw
  • Anchor plates for the front axle 1x left 1x right with connection for 51 mm air hose
  • 1x air hose (1 meter)
  • 4x hose clamps


Suitable for the following vehicles:

  • BMW F87 M2 Competition,
  • BMW M2 CS

Additional information

Weight 15 kg


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