Remus Exhaust BMW M2 Competition Racing Rear Silencer – Axle Back


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REMUS Catback System - Pure Power and perfect Sound


Especially designed for the outmost sport oriented drivers is the REMUS designed cat-back system which guarantees maximum power, increased torque and convince with the hottest sound ever to be created in the REMUS sound design acoustic chamber.

The 100% stainless steel manufactured REMUS catback system which features proven internals to reduce back pressure and an oversize bore diameter to ensure maximum power and the unique REMUS sonorous sound. The considerable reduction in back pressure ensures a noticeable increase in power and torque and allows the engine to rev more freely then before. The technical experience gained from many motor sport projects using REMUS catback systems has flown directly into the production process and result in combination with the REMUS quality assurance to an absolute top class product. As a matter of course, all REMUS catback systems are supplied with EC approval which eliminates the need to register the system in the car documents.


  • Tube diameter perfectly adjusted to engine specifications
  • Optimized flow and back pressure
  • Stainless steel
  • EC homologation


REMUS Axle Back System - Performance on a Budget


The Remus axle-back solution is where only the rear muffler is replaced by a REMUS sport exhaust. The REMUS sport exhaust offers a significant increase in performance and torque due to reduction of back pressure and flow optimization. Less weight and the well-known sonorous REMUS sound are additional features, which distinguish the REMUS sport exhaust from the stock exhaust. REMUS axle-back solutions are available for a wide range of cars.


  • Aggressive racing sound
  • Shot blasted surface, 100% stainless steel
  • Performance increase, low back pressure
  • Light weight construction
  • Perfect shape and fitment
  • Handmade in Austria
  • 24 months warranty
  • EC approval

Remus Sound Control

Enables drivers to adjust the sound of their sportexhaust systems via valve(s) which are operated per remote control or via the Sound Control App for iPhone and Android

The valve(s), are positioned pending the configuration of the exhaust, at either the inlet or at outlet side and are operated by OEM quality electronic actuators. The actuators are mounted on precise laser cut brackets. There are 4 pre-programmed valve positions offering the possibility to adjust the sound between “fully closed” and “fully opened” along with 10% and 50% open positions.

When the valve(s) are fully opened, not only the deep REMUS RACING sound is released, but also a gain in torque and power is noticeable due to the remarkable reduction of backpressure. As usual, all REMUS sportexhaust systems, including the valve mechanisms and brackets are made using only the finest stainless steel.


  • Electronically controlled valve system
  • 4 pre-set valve positions
  • Individual adjustable sound
  • Operated via remote control
  • Valve mechanisms & brackets made from stainless steel
  • Perfect fitment and easy installation

The REMUS Sound Control App

The communication between an Android or IOS smartphone and the sophisticated REMUS Sound Control electronics is via a Bluetooth connection. After basic calibration, which also takes maximum RPM into account, it is possible to operate the valve(s) in either manual or automatic mode.


Manual mode

Regardless of the engine speed, the position of the valve can be user-defined and adjusted via four buttons. The position of the valve, which is applied when the respective button is pressed, can be individually pre-set from closed to 100% open.

Automatic mode

It is possible to divide the entire RPM range into three separate segments. The lower and upper limits of each RPM segment are user-defined and adjustable. The position of the valve(s) within the chosen RPM segments can be individually pre-set from closed to 100% open. In automatic mode, the position of the valve(s) is automatically controlled throughout the 3 predefined RPM segments and does not need any further intervention by the user after the individual settings are applied.

For trouble-free usage of the REMUS Sound Controller App, connect the OBD2 plug and install the sound controller properly!

To locate the position to install the OBD2 plug, refer to your car’s manual or contact a specialist workshop! The REMUS Sound Control App will not function when the bleutooth button is connected!

The REMUS Sound Control App can be paired with various cars and sound controllers, but not at the same time! Note that the valve is always in the last chosen position when your car is started.

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