RacingLine Propshaft Bearing Alignment Kit MQB / MQB Evo – AWD models

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Want to sharpen up your handling responses? The RacingLine MQB & MQB ‘EVO’ Billet Front Subframe Brace precisely bolts up to help fight subframe flex. This improves rigidity to help protect the car’s dynamic responses under hard loading.

MQB & MQB ‘evo’ cars rely on either a thin stamped-steel or cast alloy OE front subframe. This subframe has to channel all of the immense forces generating by hard driving.

RacingLine’s bolt-in Front Subframe Brace provides much needed support and rigidity to aid accurate handling dynamics. Not surprisingly, with all of these forces combining in your subframe, significant deflection results, which affects wheel alignment and harms the precision in your steering as it flexes.

This Billet Front Subframe Brace stiffens up the rear of the subframe with an intricately machined aluminium replacement, greatly improving stiffness under load. Despite adding stiffness, this improved dynamic performance comes without sacrificing any ride quality or introducing any additional noise, vibration, or harshness into the cabin. This is highly recommended upgrade to protect and enhance your car – whether it’s hard-driven, high-power or used on track.

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Weight 10 kg


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Chassis Version

3V, 5T, 8S, 8V, 8Y, B8, F3, KH, Mk3, Mk4, Mk7, Mk8, NS, Mk7.5, VZ5


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Sub Model

Golf GTI, Golf R, Octavia vRS