Nitron elec-TRON R1 Coilover BMW G8X M3 M4


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The evolution of the Nitron range is here. By combining the world renowned Nitron quality and attention to detail with the latest electronic valve technology - the elec-TRON range is born.

The use of Nitron's proportional solenoid valve in each shock gives a high level of precision and control in the damping system. Each shock absorber in the Nitron elec-TRON system is equipped with its own valve, allowing for independent damping control of each wheel, crucial for optimized handling, stability and ride comfort. The system can precisely adjust the damping force based on various factors such as g-load conditions, vehicle speed, road conditions and driver input resulting in super accurate and responsive damping, enhancing the overall performance of the vehicle.

The Nitron elec-TRON system offers flexibility in its application by providing two main options:

Standalone Electronic Damping System: Users have the option to install the Nitron elec-TRON suspension kit as a standalone electronic damping system. This means that if your vehicle does not come equipped with an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) electronic damping system like BMW’s EDC or Porsche’s PASM, you can now benefit from the advanced damping control offered by the Nitron’s elec-TRON system. The Nitron DCU (Damper Control Unit) unit is included as part of this system and features a selectable damping control via an adjustment knob.

Integration with OEM Electronic Systems: For vehicles already equipped with OEM electronic damping systems such as BMW’s EDC or Porsche’s PASM, the Nitron elec-TRON suspension kit is designed to work in conjunction with these. This integration allows users to retain full functionality of the OEM controls, while also benefiting from the added capabilities and precision offered by the Nitron elec-TRON system. In this case, the Nitron system complements and enhances the performance of the existing OEM system.

With the choice of either using the vehicle’s original damper control unit, or using Nitron’s DCU, the following suspension kit packages are available:

elec-TRON-R3 Coilover Kit

The elec-TRON-R3 coilover kit combines the Nitron proportional solenoid valve with independent manual compression control. Designed for enthusiasts or professionals looking to further optimize their vehicle's suspension performance for more extreme driving conditions and a higher level of performance. Piggyback or remotely mounted reservoirs allow quick and simple independent adjustment of high-speed and low-speed compression damping.

elec-TRON-R1 Coilover Kit

The elec-TRON-R1 coilover kit utilizes the Nitron proportional solenoid valve with all of the damping control being carried out by the control system. This kit includes our adjustable top mounts and uses our race springs, which in turn gives you the ultimate adjustment for a perfect geometry setup.

elec-TRON-RoadSport Coilover Kit

The elec-TRON-RoadSport coilover kit offers many of the same benefits of our elec-TRON-R1 kit but is more road orientated and is developed with a formed spring that works with the OEM top mount.


NTR Hose shocks are fitted with Nitrons exclusively developed Bi-Axis fittings that allow for simple and precise installation.

Note: Image used for illustration purposes only. Specific details, finishes and end fittings may differ from that shown.

All Nitron shocks are hand made to order to each individual customer's requirements. Lead times are normally 2 3 weeks, but at certain times may be slightly longer. If you would like a more accurate delivery time please contact us at [email protected]


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