MMR SILICONE INTAKE HOSE I BMW B58 I M140i I M240i I 340i I 440i

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The MMR Performance Silicone Intake Hose for the B58-powered F-series BMW M140i, M240i, 340i and 440i has been designed to smooth the airflow from intake into the turbo, enhancing induction noise and even improving engine bay aesthetics.

The MMR Intake Hose is a great upgrade when installed with the standard turbo elbow and airbox (ideally paired with MMR High-Flow Filter), but really gives greatest gains when paired with the MMR Air Intake (or other aftermarket intake configurations).

A simple fitment, it replaces the entire restrictive factory plastic ‘bellows’ pipe between the airbox and the turbo inlet. By taking away the standard plastic pipe's restrictive and turbulent airflow path, the Silicone Intake Hose gives a worthwhile power gain.

The large diameter smooth-flowing hose is constructed from high quality silicone. It has been carefully developed with reinforced silicone elements embedded in critical areas to offer great rigidity to prevent deformation under load or heat.

But crucially, as the engine can move considerably under load, the MMR Hose allows just the right amount of compliance to allow for adequate engine movement without causing damage to the intake itself.

Supplied in a deep gloss black finish and easily DIY installed in minutes, the MMR intake hose also features a stepped inlet and outlet to ensure a constant bore with smooth transitions to promote maximum airflow.

Fitting is very straightforward. The kit is installed in around 10 minutes using just hand tools. And easily returned to standard, should you ever wish.

Put simply, you'll be wasting much of the gains from a high-flow air intake without fitting this hose.

Please note: Hose clips are not included, original ones can be reused.

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F2X, F3X, G0X, G1X, G3x