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Whether you're running factory brakes on the road or a big brake setup on track, MMR’s own Racing Brake Fluid is an essential addition to your braking system performance. With a dry boiling point of 312 degrees centigrade, this Super DOT4 is one of the highest specification brake fluids on the market.

Drive your car hard and the chances are you’ve experienced brake fade at some point. You’ve probably thought about upgrading your pads, maybe even getting one of our Big Brake Kits installed. But your first change should always be to swap to MMR's Racing Brake Fluid.

It’s compatible with all brake set ups - from standard factory brakes right up to our mighty Big Brake Kits on track. Suitable for any form of motorsport (it's exactly what we use in Z4 GT racer) as well as day to day road use without compromise.

Modern highly refined racing Super DOT4 fluids (such as this) now significantly outperform previous DOT5.1 fluids - with none of the well-known downsides. With a dry boiling point of 312 degrees centigrade (594°F) and 204°C (399°F) wet boiling point, this is one of the highest specification brake fluids on the market.

Brake fluid should be fully changed every 1–2 years under road conditions, and more frequently for hard driving/track use. So if you're due for a change, choose the MMR Racing Brake Fluid and enjoy the benefits of the highest-spec fluid available.

Since our Racing Brake Fluid is significantly less expensive than buying new pads or a big brake kit, this is your ideal first braking modification!

New brake fluid should always be stored in a sealed container to avoid moisture intrusion. For peak performance, once opened a bottle of fluid cannot be re-used and must be disposed of. That’s why MMR Fluid is only supplied in 500ml bottles.


  • DOT 4
  • Produced in the UK
  • ERBP ≥300ºC
  • Wet ERBP ≥195ºC
  • Supplied in 500ml bottles

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E8x, E9x, F1X, F2X, F54, F55, F56, F57, F87, F8x, F9x, G4X, G8x, J29, R55, R56, R57, R58