MMR COTTON PANEL AIR FILTER I BMW B58 F2x I F3x I M140i I M240i I 340i I 440i

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Looking for a simple, warranty-friendly upgrade for your car? One of the easiest and best ways to upgrade the breathing abilities of the F2x & F3x B58-powered M140i I M240i I 340i I 440i is with a replacement performance panel air filter.

Allow your engine to breathe better and operate more efficiently – and so improve the engine’s airflow, and power and fuel economy gains will follow.

By removing the inevitable restrictions that the standard paper panel filter gives, our Panel Filter allows a small but worthwhile increase in airflow through to the turbo.

We've developed our own range of MMR performance cotton gauze filters that easily drop into the OE airbox which provide excellent filtration properties, combined with instant performance increases and induction noise enhancements.

Our tests have shown that it can deliver an additional 15NM of torque on a standard B58 engine. A small but worthwhile difference.

Meanwhile, OEM-standards of design, quality, materials and construction means it fits like a factory part; lasts like a factory part.

Put simply, we believe it’s the best Panel Air Filter you can buy.




  • Increased engine performance
  • Improved induction noise
  • Designed to be used with the OE air filter housing
  • Easily fitted and completely washable.
  • Once fitted this product will last the lifetime of your engine


1 Series F20/F21 2011 - 2019 120i,125i,M140i,M140iX B48, B58
2 Series F22/F23 2013 - 2020 220i,230i,240i,M240iX B48,B58
3 Series F30/F31 2011 - 2019 320i,320iX,330i,330iX,340i,340iX B48,B58
4 Series F32/F33 2013 - 2020 420i,420iX,430i,430iX,440i,440iX B48,B58

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Chassis Version

F2X, F3X, G0X, G1X, G3x