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Issues relating to the standard three-piece crank hub on the S55 & N55 engine are widely known, but include the need to ensure the OE crank bolt can't loosen, which is one cause of the crank hub friction plates starting to slip. The crank bolt is susceptible to loosening due to the engine's natural vibrations and harmonics, meaning that with just the slightest loss of torque, your timing will slip out of correct adjustment. With potentially disastrous consequences.

For the ultimate solution, which is strongly recommended for high powered, or track cars, you should plan to upgrade both this Capture Plate AND fit our MMR Single-Piece Crank Hub.

However, that's a significant task for an experienced technician. Install of this Capture Plate is a simpler job to install and provides a great deal of added protection - making it a sensible 'first upgrade' for any N55 car being used on the road if you don't want to incur the full expense of the Single-Piece Crank Hub.

Single-Piece Crank Hub (L) with Capture Plate (R)

Machined from T-6061 billet aluminium before being anodised in our trademark finish, the MMR Performance Capture Plate completely surrounds and secures the head of the OE crank bolt, making it physically impossible for it to turn or loosen.

Secured to either the MMR one-piece crank hub, or the OE crank hub, the elongated slots ensure a perfect, secure installation, every time.

Installation of the capture plate is also possible with the engine remaining in-situ, with just the need to drop the radiator, in order to gain adequate access to install.

Read more about the Crank Hub problems here:


This will fit all N55 and S55 Engines.
Recommended Addition
This MMR Capture Plate is a great starting point to avoid the dreaded hub-slip problems for standard cars, and those not used in track conditions.

However, for complete peace of mind, and certainly when it comes to highly modified or hard-driven cars, we strongly recommend selecting the One Piece Crank Hub plus Capture Plate as the only way to be 100% certain to avoid future costly failures.

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