ITG Air Filter Cleaning Kit


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The ITG Air Filter Cleaning Kit provides a comprehensive solution to your ITG Air Filter maintenance requirements.

The kits include both a cleaning fluid and choice of filter coating dependant on application. The filter cleaning fluid removes old oil, grime and other unwanted residue ready to provide a base for the oil once dried. The cleaning fluid is water soluble so can be rinsed should over application occur.

Once the filter is clean and dry, the filter coating can be added, this is available in two options. JDR-1 (available individually) is a light duty race oil which is ideal for ITG foam filters in conditions such as racing, track days or low dust conditions. JDR-2 is a heavier duty coating where the environment where the vehicle is used is dustier such as rallying or longer term desert use.

Cleaning fluid: 500ml pump action bottle

Filter oils: 200ml aerosol

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Weight 5 kg


ITG Filter Options

Heavy Duty, Light Duty