Intrax 1k2 Coilovers BMW F8x M3 M4 F87 M2 M2 Competition

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Our standard set up includes:
Adjustable Front Camber Topmounts
45mm Front Strut 46mm Rear Strut 

Made to order please allow 4-5 weeks

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The 1K2 is a ‘high-end’ shock absorber with springs (also known as ‘coil-over’) for demanding street and competition use, that is adjustable in height and damping. It is modular and, apart from the piston rod, entirely composed of high-quality anodized aluminum or, if desired/required, steel. On average, the 1K2 light-alloy shock absorber is 30% lighter than a comparable steel shock absorber. The principle is based on the same technology that has helped Schumacher become a World Champion. 
If it involves a Macpherson suspension, the absorber will feature a design with a 45mm Ø upside down insert. This upside-down design delivers a much higher installation rigidity (less flexibility) to the Macpherson suspension. This higher installation rigidity results in much better handling and more direct steering behavior.

All shock absorbers that Intrax manufactures are custom-built. This means the shock absorbers will only be manufactured once the specific data of the car (tyre type, use of the car, any adjustments made to the car, etc.) and the driver’s wishes are known. Based on these data, the engineers calculate/design the ideal shock absorber, which will then be manufactured.

Adjustable damping
Due to the larger diameter of the 1K2’s piston in comparison with the RSA, the adjustment can be even more refined. Unlike many competitors, Intrax deliberately opts for a single knob for the adjustment of the damping. With this single knob, you can adjust the bump (inward stroke) and rebound (outbound stroke) at the same time, in the proper pre-programmed ratio.

The 1K2 damper is fitted with an internal thermostat. The thermostat keeps the damping constant at varying temperatures. This means the damping and driving behavior remain exactly the same at various operating and ambient temperatures.

Large diameters
Where possible, the housing of the 1K2 shock absorber is made of high-quality aluminum. This guarantees a low weight, maximum strength and optimal cooling. Whilst designing the 1K2 shock absorber, the largest possible diameter is chosen for even more accurate damping control; usually a 52mm housing with 46mm piston. Where possible, Macpherson struts are fitted as upside-downs with a 45mm (52mm for the XL version) diameter instead of a thin piston rod that is mounted to the chassis.


Various options are possible on the different shock absorber systems that we make. The options vary widely. C

• Black Titan coating, optimizes the functioning of the shock absorber by reducing friction and stick slip. It also protects the shock absorber because the coating is rock hard.
• ARC®, a system that makes it possible to work with a softer spring and/or setting with the associated advantages but without the disadvantages.
• EMC, no more getting out to set the shock absorbers harder or softer, but from your driver's seat.
• EHC, raise/lower the front or entire car from your car, with the option to drive at that height.

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F87, F8x