CAE Ultra Short Shifter F2X/F3X 1/2/3/4 Series inc M135i M235i M140i

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  • Gearknob Colour


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Our newest product in the CAE-BMW family

We have further developed 85% of all components of this shifter to make it perfect

Shifter fits to following BMW Models:
1` F20 118dX  3‘ F34 GT   320dX B47
1` F20 M140 i  3‘ F34 GT  LCI  318d
1` F21 118d & X  3‘ F34 GT   LCI  320dX
1` F21 M140 i  4‘ F32   418d
2` LCI F22 220 d  4‘ F32   420d B47
2` LCI F22 M240 i  4‘ F32   420dX B47
2` F23 220 d  4‘ F32   420iX B48
2` F23 M240 i  4‘ F32   425d B47
 3‘ F30 LCI   316d  4‘ F32   440i
 3‘ F30 LCI   318d  4‘ F32   440iX
 3‘ F30 LCI   320d B47  4‘ F32 LCI  420dX
 3‘ F30 LCI   320d ed  4‘ F32 LCI   420iX
 3‘ F30 LCI   320dX  4‘ F32 LCI   425d
 3‘ F30 LCI   320i
3‘ F30 LCI   320iX
 4‘ F32 LCI   440i
 3‘ F30 LCI   325d B47  4‘ F32 LCI   440iX
 3‘ F30 LCI   340i  4‘ F33   420d B47
 3‘ F30 LCI   340iX  4‘ F33   425d B47
 3‘ F31   316d  4‘ F33 LCI 420d
 3‘ F31 LCI   316d  4‘ F33 LCI  425d
 3‘ F31 LCI   318d  4‘ F36   420d B47
 3‘ F31 LCI   318dX  4‘ F36   420dX B47
 3‘ F31 LCI   320d B47  4‘ F36   420iX B48
 3‘ F31 LCI   320d ed  4‘ F36   425d B47
 3‘ F31 LCI   320dX  4‘ F36   420d
 3‘ F31 LCI   320iX  4‘ F36 LCI  420dX
 3‘ F31 LCI   325d B47  4‘ F36 LCI  420iX
 3‘ F34 GT   320d B47  4‘ F36 LCI  425d
  • Complete kit for adaptation to BMW F2X & F3X with 6 speed manual gearbox standard H-pattern.     (for M2 M3 M4 please select the appropriate shifter)
  • This Shifter is technically equal with our F8X Shifter but will be delivered with shift rod S
  • No drilling into the Tunnel Sheet required !!!
  • Characterised by its optimal ergonomics with a focus on motor sports: perfect positioning of the shift knob close to the steering wheel.
    The shift pattern is confined to approx. 75 x 75 mm, therfore super-precise shifting, exclusively H-pattern.
  • The coupling system remains in its original form.
  • Activation of the reverse gear lock via cable reel from the shift lever. An accidental changing to the reverse gear is impossible. The reverse gear is unlocked by pulling up the sliding collar on the shift lever.
  • Low weight and high stability: the milled and lathed parts consist of 7075 aluminium alloy; the substructures are made out of laser-cut, 3/ 6mm thick AlMg3 aluminium. The parts are combined in the WIG welding process and brushed blank for an optimal finish.
  • Problem-free shifting of gears under stress or in curves.
  • Integrated 3/4 position spring, ensuring perfect feedback when changing alleys while shifting up and down.
  • 1/2 - 5/6  and reverse alleys adjustable separately.
  • Shifter is intended for vehicles with interior equipment, he can be installed nearly invisible
    The centre console have to be modified for fitting over the Shifter.
  • Shift knob free selectable in different versions/ colors.


Total height: approx. 375 mm
Total length: approx. 180 mm
Dimensions of base plate: approx. 180 x 115 mm
Shifting travel: approx. 75 mm
Selector travel (transverse direction): approx. 75 mm
Weight (complete): approx. 1,66 kg
Offset of the gear lever knop (back / up): depending on vehicle type approx. 0 / 100 mm

Delivery: Shifter completely assembled, CAE Shift Rod "S", Cover plate with rubber boot all screws and small parts

Lead time approx. 2 weeks

Additional information

Weight 20 kg


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Chassis Version

F2X, F3X