BMW S54 VAC Oil Pump Upgrade Kit

£279.00 (£232.50 excl. VAT)


The fix for BMWs scariest failure: The oil pump

S54 oil pump upgrade from VAC Motorsport

Ever have an oil pump sprocket retaining nut back off and lose oil pressure? How about shearing off the oil pump shaft with the sprocket and nut still attached? Chances are you lost that engine. We hear this all the time and it happens to unsuspecting BMW enthusiast more than you might think. This kit is very popular for a reason; it eliminates all failure modes permanently while retaining serviceability. Some people believe it is enough to weld the OEM bolt on or use a special nut and/or safety wire, however, in these cases this does not solve the shearing of the shaft (completely off!) and in some cases can make things worse.?This oil pump issue affects 100% stock and modified motors and we get calls and emails with these failures regularly. Although not as prevalent as the M50 oil pump failures, you should NOT be the victim of this common failure.

This kit is the best solution on the planet addressing 100% of the issues.?UPGRADE your oil pump with a VAC Oil Pump Upgrade Kit and safeguard yourself against silly yet extremely costly oil pump failures.

Available for the S54 engine, and S54 engines using the M50 family oil pump.

VAC Oil Pump Upgrade Kit includes:

      • New VAC design oil pump shaft
      • Matching oil pump sprocket
      • Grade 8 retaining hardware designed to fix the problem permanently

If you would like, you can also ship your oil pump to us and have our experienced machine shop staff recondition and install your new VAC kit for a fee.

You will receive your upgraded oil pump ready to bolt in.

Weight 2 kg