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Quick Shine ready to use Quick Detailer (500ML)

Quick Shine QD is an effective and easy to use clay bar lubricant. Quick Shine is safe to be used on all surfaces including plastic, chrome, wheels & paintwork and is a pleasure to use thanks to its awesome Parma Violet fragrance.

Fine grade clay bar 2x50g

Autobrite Fine Grade cleaner clay has been designed to remove industrial fallout, insects, tree sap, tar spots, brake dust, overspray and other ingrained contaminants that appear on your car! It picks up harmful contaminants with ease from the paintwork and glass. It leaves the surface silky smooth and ready for polishing/protecting.






Product Features

  • Detailing clay bars 2x50g £10RRP
  • Quick shine ready to use QD 500ml £12 RRP
  • Ideal for glass, alloy wheels, exhausts, chrome and any hard surface
  • Will leave the surface, clean, contaminant free and super smooth and ready for your next polishing or waxing stage
  • Ideal for paintwork and glass.
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This step is absolutely key to achieve a smooth surface before paint correction is carried out. If this is not done you could end up causing even further damage to the vehicle’s paint in the form of marring, scratches and swirls whilst polishing.



The purpose of a clay bar decontamination is to remove embedded contaminants from the surface of your paint and glass. Think of  your car’s paint and glass like skin. It has pores, and valleys, and over time, these areas collect contamination, causing your paint to look dull and feel rough. The clay bar can lift of all this contamination and removes it from the surface, leaving your paint smooth and ready for polishing or waxing.





Clay bar decontamination is a necessary and worthwhile part of the detailing process. Traditional hand washing alone cannot remove all the bonded contamination on the surface of the vehicle, and if this contamination is not removed, it will negatively affect the polishing process and can reduce the durability of any protection that may be applied.


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