AIRTEC Intercooler BMW E82 135i/ E9x 335i (N54)

£496.00 (£413.33 excl. VAT)

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AIRTEC intercooler for the E82 BMW 135i and E92 335i (N54)

  • 60mm thick proven bar and plate core, spec’d to AIRTEC designs
  • AIRTEC logo’d cast end tanks for improved airflow and unbeatable stength
  • Dyno proven power gains (results coming soon)
  • Lower intake temps meaning a safer engine
  • 3-year unlimited mileage warranty
  • Available in either Natural Silver or Pro-Series Black finishes
  • AIRTEC logo available at no extra charge
  • Unbeatable value for money!


Test results Carried out at AmD Essex rolling road.

Intercoolers being testing for ACT (Air Charge Temperature)

Standard BMW Intercooler (Stage 1 remap).

Average air temperature into intercooler: 115 degrees
Average air temp out of intercooler: 69 degrees

That’s an average 49 degree drop, but anything over 50 degrees engine intake temperature is not good for the engine.

AIRTEC Intercooler (Stage 1 remap)

Average air temp into Intercooler. 84 degrees
Average air temp out of Intercooler. 36 degrees

AIRTEC intercooler was seeing an average of 36 degrees with an increase of around 17 bhp.
The test shows with a basic Stage 1 remap, you can gain power with just having a AIRTEC intercooler.

With having an AIRTEC intercooler fitted and keeping air temperatures down means a proven increase in power.