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Get impressive performance benefits without compromising on the factory look of your engine bay. Revo OEM+ Air Intake Systems utilise the existing airbox, replacing any restriction components with parts precisely engineered to reduce turbulence and improve airflow.

VAG 1.5TSI EVO EA211 - The Revo OEM+ Intake System has been designed and engineered to directly replace the OE panel air filter and intake pipe found on vehicles equipped with the 1.5 TSI EVO EA211 engine


When enhancing the performance of the new 1.5TSI EVO EA211 engine with performance software, the restrictive OEM intake limits the potential power gains from the software. The Revo OEM+ Intake Kit removes key restrictive elements of the OEM system to flow more air volume and promote smoother airflow, while still maintaining an OE engine bay look that only the most discerning can see is modified. The inlet, hose and filter components of the Revo system have been meticulously designed to work in harmony with each other – each Revo part’s air volume and flow stability features compliment the next to provide subtle but meaningful performance gains at initial levels of 1.5TSI EVO engine tuning.

1.5 TSI OEM+ Built Hose


  • Increased performance, throttle response & airflow efficiency
  • Three-layer foam filter
  • Larger, stepped silicone for increased/smoother airflow
  • Larger, precision machined turbocharger inlet
  • Optional billet aluminum/silicone breather adapter kit
  • 9.64 AHP/12.67 ATQ (Nm) max, 4.62 AHP/7.70 ATQ (Nm) average power gains (vs. OEM parts with Revo Stage 1 software)


  • Revo ProPanel Filter
  • Revo Silicone Hose
  • Revo Takeoff
  • Stainless Steel Clamps


The Revo Turbocharger Inlet doesnt just look pretty, anodized aluminium machined from a single billet. It also addresses one of the most significant restrictions on the 1.5TSI intake systems (EVO OE). Forming the basis of the Revo OEM+ Intake kit our Inlet fits securely into the OE compressor housing using the provided stainless steel hardware. The internal bell mouth structure of the Revo part seamlessly complements the increased size of the Revo hose, allowing for a smooth airflow transition from a large cross-sectional area (at the end of the Revo hose) to a smaller one (at the turbocharger compressor wheel inlet), within a small physical space. This transition stabilizes intake air entering the turbocharger, tapering air volume and reducing turbulence within the inlet to deliver more air. Strict machining tolerances and quality control ensure a flawless flow-match with the OE compressor housing to further remove unnecessary air turbulence and deliver uninterrupted, highly laminar airflow into the turbocharger for maximum intake/engine performance.


The Revo silicone hose perfectly supplements the increased size of the Turbocharger Inlet, replacing the OE corrugated plastic hose with a larger, internally smooth part that reduces internal air turbulence and dramatically increases the volume and speed of filtered air delivered to the turbocharger. The Revo hose’s four-ply construction, coupled with an internal wire helix, increases strength to prevent collapsing under high vacuum and engine bay temperatures. Revo Flush Fit internal steps create a smooth transition between the Revo Hose and Inlet, ensuring the smoothest airflow possible within the system. The quality-controlled gloss black exterior finish naturally blends into the engine bay, taking nothing away from the overall OE aesthetic of the 1.5TSI EVO engine bay.


The Revo breather adapter kit allows the Revo OEM+ intake kit to utilize the OE breather valve found integrated into the turbocharger inlet on certain EA211 engines. By reusing the OE valve, the Revo OEM+ Intake kit maintains the correct distribution/timing of vacuum and boost pressure during engine operation, eliminating any potential long-term carbon build-up or oil reliability issues that may occur when eliminating or replacing this valve. The high temperature silicone, strict coupler machining tolerances and part quality control ensure that the fitment of the Revo kit mirrors the factory connection exactly, allowing key engine systems to function as OE while still increasing the performance of the 1.5TSI EVO engine.


An intake system is only as good as the filter. The included Revo three-stage foam replacement panel filter improves on the flow characteristics of the OEM paper filter, without reducing the level of intake air filtration. Revo three-stage filters work very differently than conventional paper or cotton-gauze mediums, trapping large particles on the outer layer and filtering progressively finer particles at the inner layers to provide equal-or-better levels of air filtration compared to the OE paper filter, while still allowing significantly higher volumes of filtered air into the intake. A galvanized metal mesh supports the Revo three-stage filter media to provide the required support against extreme and prolonged vacuum loads and the custom-manufactured rubber top plate fits directly into the OE lower airbox to provide a durable, high performance air filtration solution.


  1. Simple replacement of the OEM part
  2. Plastic airbox lid not included in the kit

Please contact your local Revo Authorised Dealer for additional information and availability.

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