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16 Sep: Drexler Motorsport Differentials
AReeve Performance are pleased to have been appointed the UK sales dealer for Drexler Motorsport in the UK For further information please contact us by phone 01553 764600 or shop@areeve.co.uk
12 Jul: Powerflex BMW Exhaust Mountings

This week we are adding a selection of new exhaust mounting products to fit various BMW models as well as the Mini F56. For the E36, E39, E46, E9* & Z4 M-Models, we now offer a CNC machined aluminium mounting bracket with bush to safely mount and secure…

01 Sep: A Guide to ECU Remapping

What is ECU Remapping? ECU Remapping is a specialist service that can boost the power and fuel efficiency of your car, making for a much more enjoyable driving experience. Re-calibrating the ECU (engine control…

29 Jun: Why is Wheel Alignment important?

One of the most popular mechanical jobs carried out at performance garages and standard car garages alike, is wheel alignment. Every car manufacturer has a set of specific alignment rules your car must follow…