Snow Performance UK Distributor

We are please to add another great brand to our list of suppliers: 
Snow Performance suppliers of high quality Meth Injection kits
AReeve Performance are now the official UK Distributor
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Waterinjection – Boost Cooler by Snow Performance

Water Injection
Easy installation – Huge improvements

The Boost Cooler Water Injection kit allows you by active cooling of the combustion to increase the boost pressure and ignition timing safely and without exposing the engine higher thermal load. Power losses at higher ambient temperatures are greatly compensated. Water Injection also reduces the specific fuel consumption as also lowers the exhaust gas temperature (EGT).

Chemical Intercooling with Water Injection

In contrast to a conventional intercooler, the intake air can be lowered below the ambient temperature by using water injection! In addition to the excellent efficiency you will experience no boost pressure loss as with conventional performance intercooler. Because your car now has much colder IATs and impressive octane you can increase boot and ignition timing for HP gains of up to 20%