SACHS Performance Clutch Kit Organic BMW 1M, 135i, 335i

£699.00 (£582.50 excl. VAT)

Mini R56 JCW K03 Turbo?

OE Spec

After needing to source a supplier for JCW turbo for our own builds and MINI Challenge race cars we are now able to release to the public

Tested upto 300bhp and tested on circuit

Replacement for JCW or upgrade for Cooper S

Available with fitting

  • BMW 1M, 135i,335i
  • Clutch Cover
  • Clutch friction plate
  • Release bearing

Diameter [mm]: 240 –

Number of Teeth: 26 –

Hub Profile: 32,5×35-26N

Transmittable torque: 540+Nm.

To fit OE flywheel?

21 20 7 625 150

21 20 8 631 999

7 625 150


Innovative Engineering.

  • Higher transmittable torque
  • Higher burst number of revolutions
  • Noticeable better dynamics through higher clamp load
  • Less abrasion, much longer life span
  • Start performance similar to OE
  • Effortless exchange with OE clutch kit

Logo SACHS Performance by ZF SACHS

SACHS Performance Clutch Installation

Technical Details.

SACHS Performance Clutch kit at a preferential price, containing the reinforced clutch cover and the performance clutch disc with special organic friction material. – Simple exchange against the old clutch, this kit will fit to the original flywheel and releaser.

The SACHS Performance clutch kit delivers more transmittable torque and more stability, longer life and superior thermal resistance.

It also allows for faster and sportier gearshifts. – That makes it extremely useful for street tuning, endurance races, hill climbing (group N) and for vehicles that are often driven with their maximum gross vehicle weight.

The start performance is similar to your old original clutch kit (no “on-off” clutch), so this solution is also perfect for a daily driven car.

Quality – Made in Germany.

The clutch systems from ZF SACHS Race Engineering have brought motor sports teams worldwide to the forefront, from mass sports to Formula 1.

The knowledge gained from these race series has been flowing into the development of High Performance products for years.

SACHS Performance Clutch Applications

Typically applications include:

  • Chip-Tuning, turbocharger and supercharger modifications
  • Vehicles with maximum gross vehicle weight and according to high load (towing trailers, campers)
  • 1/4 mile-race
  • Race circuit (endurance race, clubsport, autocross)
  • Rally (e.g. group N)
  • Slalom, Drift Racing
Weight 10 kg