OZ HYPER GT HLT BMW M2 inc Competition

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OZ poured all of its experience in GT3 racing into its new wheel: the HyperGT HLT.

Quite often, choosing a wheel for one?s car is part of making an aesthetic statement. But we wanted to do something different and extra. So, we created the HyperGT HLT. A new approach to alloy rims, an authentic heir of the world of racing and, specifically, GT racing, in which OZ has set the standard for many years.

The HyperGT HLT is a distillation of engineering know-how acquired over decades of design experience, filled with details and technological solutions drawn from racing culture.

The resulting wheel expresses the perfect balance between light-weight, rigidity and durability, just as racing wheels have shown us they should be. Indeed, being super light-weight is not enough. When it comes to performance, a series of other parameters that allow the wheel to perform at the highest levels must be taken into consideration. The magic formula for performance is: rigidity, to make the wheel more reactive; light-weight, for better handling and strength to cope with mechanical stresses. When these three elements are perfectly balanced, you achieve the top performance that only HyperGT HLT can ensure.

.The wheel?s typical racing design has been made even more aggressive by the new concave profiles, designed specifically for cars whose brake caliper size allows for extreme offsets. All concave versions of Ultraleggera HLT, as well as the Central Lock version, are available in the all-new Matt Bronze finish that joins the range of Personal Colors.Ultraleggera HLT is available in the Deep Concave version for 9.5 x 19? and 10 x 19? applications.


* Please note: a fitting kit will only be supplied if required. For direct fit wheels please use oe currents nuts or bolts, no fitting kit will be supplied.

Delivery time – Approx 5 days

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