Eventuri Intake JAGUAR F TYPE

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    Performance Gain: V8: 30-38hp, 30-35ft-lb

    Performance Gain: V6: 18-24hp, 20-25ft-lb

    The Eventuri Intake system for the Jaguar F-Type fits both the 3.0l and 5.0l supercharged variants. We have replaced the standard airboxes and resonator tubes with our Patent Pending filter housings mated to bespoke carbon fibre tubes. To ensure a smooth airflow path, our tubes are matched in diameter to the stock MAF sensor tubes downstream and then matched again to the engine inlet tubes upstream. The combination of our Eventuri housings and tubes improve the aerodynamic efficiency of the inlet track resulting in significant increase of power and torque. This is a stand-alone upgrade which requires no further tuning.

    The Eventuri Difference

    The F-Type Eventuri system uses our Patent Pending Carbon fibre Housing which provides an aerodynamically efficient airflow path from the filter to the MAF tube. Not just another cone filter with a heat shield but a unique design which invokes the Venturi affect. You can read more about the housing design and how it works HERE.

Below is a dyno graph showing the comparison between the Eventuri and the stock airboxes on a standard F-Type 5.0l Supercharged. As you can see, power and torque are increased through a large portion of the rpm range with almost 35ft-lb increase at 5000rpm. On the road, this increase in power and torque can be felt with a sharper part throttle and full throttle response and a more aggressive power delivery all the way to the redline. The testing was done on the same day back-to-back and temperatures were monitored to ensure consistency.

Similarly here is a power graph showing the comparison between the stock airboxes and the Eventuri Intakes on the 3.0l V6 F-Type. Tests were carried out on the same day to ensure ambient conditions did not vary. As can be seen there is a significant improvement in low end torque delivery which translates to an improved throttle response on the road. However the more impressive gain is from 5000rpm to redline where the power delivery continues to climb rather than taper off with the stock airboxes.


Each component is engineered for a purpose and to a very high standard. Each kit consists of:

  • Patent Pending intake housings made from 100% Prepreg Carbon Fibre
  • Aluminium inlet cowlings
  • High Flow Cotton Mesh Filters
  • 100% Prepreg Carbon Fibre Tubes
  • Laser Cut Stainless Steel Mounting Brackets
  • High Quality Silicon Couplers with OEM spec clamps

Carbon Intake Housing Assemblies

Made from 100% prepreg carbon fibre of the highest quality, the workmanship on the housing is second to none. This encapsulates the filter and is mated to an anodised aluminum inlet cowl to ensure a smooth inlet flow path. The filter itself is a deep pleated, high flow double cone configuration which is dry to avoid damaging the MAF sensor. Mounted in the wheel arches ? the intake housings are shielded from engine heat and draw in ambient air ensuring maximum gains.

Carbon Inlet Tubes

100% prepreg Carbon Fibre tubes guide the airflow from the MAF tubes to the stock engine tubing for the supercharger. By designing the tubes with the minimum bend radius and ensuring matched diameters on both ends ? we have ensured that the intake airflow remains as laminar as possible.

Mounting Brackets

Laser Cut and formed from Stainless Steel ? the brackets are designed for strength and ease of installation.

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