ARP Con-Rod Bolts for Gen 1 MINI

SKU: 206-6008.

ARP Con-Rod Bolts for Gen 1 MINI


The ARP replacement con-rod bolts are designed to be more durable and able to withstand higher stress levels than the OEM equipment. Con-rod bolts are essential to any engine, in particular a high compression forced induction engine. They connect the two halves of the con-rod together meaning they are under extreme loads as the crankshaft rotates during each combustion cycle, particularly at the top end of each piston stoke. 

To overcome these stresses, ARP uses premium grade 8740 chrome moly steel, which is heat-treated in special vertical racks to give 360° penetration providing a very high tensile strength. The thread is rolled after the treatment ensuring fantastic resistance to metal fatigue meaning increased durability and performance. 

You could say: “All that just to make a bolt?!” but the results speak for themselves. ARP supply to the leading teams in Formula 1, NASCAR Winston Cup & Busch Series, IRL, Drag Racing & Rally Teams; now you can have the same race proven technology in your MINI.