BMW M140i/M240i Remap Tuning Packages

The BMW B58 3.0 straight six Twinscroll turbo engine is one of the most impressive power units from BMW currently .
This engine has so much untapped potential that its standard 335bhp and 369lbft are dramatically increased with even the simplest of tuning.

Our bespoke calibration for the M140i/M240i
Carfeully developed in house on our Maha Rolling Road  weve been able to offer superb delivery ,smoothness & usuable power.
Figures below on stock car :
Stage 1
+100 BHP Gain
We also offer Stage 2 packages

Our Stage 1 upgrade for the M140i/M240i B58 engines offers a huge increase in power and torque throughout the rev range.
Our bespoke ECU mapping has evolved from our development of the  N55 engines and MEVD DME .

Tuning  of the ECU can be completed through the OBD so no need to remove or open the ECU, we also keep a copy of your original file should you wish to revert.

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Stage 1 Remap Tuning M140i/M240i

Stage 2 Remap Tuning Package M140i/M240i