BMW E90 E92 E93 M3 Uprated Rod Bearing Replacement

One of the achilles heal of the BMW E9x M3
We offer a complete uprated rod bearing service for the E90 E92 E93 M3 
Many factors can lead to bearing failure on these engines including warm up period, service intervals as well as the original BMW design. We offer a uprated bearing service preventing failings and costly rebuilds.
As can be seen in the photos below once the original bearing wears down to the copper the bearing becomes thin to the point it picks up on the crankshaft and spins, unfortunately resulting in a damaged crankshaft and engine rebuild
BE Rod bearings & Rod Bolts : £1500
This includes:
  • Labour
  • BEbearing set
  • OE Rod bolt set
  • Plastigauge measuring
  • LiquiMoly 10w60  Engine Oil
  • Genuine BMW Sump Gasket
  • Genuine BMW Oil Filter Kit
  • Genuine BMW Oil Pump Suction Tube O-ring
  • Genuine BMW Power Steering CHF 11S Fluid
  • Consumables
  • Photos Provided
  • Old bearings provided
ACL Bearings & ARP Bolts £1450

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