Akrapovic BMW F90 M5 Competition Pre-Orders

Introducing the brand new Akrapovic exhaust system for the F90 M5 Competition.

Built from high-grade lightweight titanium, (with some parts cast in Akrapovič’s own foundry) this system offers a vastly reduce exhaust system’s weight over the stock system.

Developed to deliver both power and torque gains throughout the rev range with most gain in lower rpm, this system will improve responsiveness and drivability.

The system delivers a distinctly different sound from the stock system, most noticeable during gear changes, over-run and acceleration.

The newly designed carbon-fibre tailpipes have been perfectly crafted and designed to fit within the OE or optional Akrapovic carbon-fibre diffuser.

The optional but highly recommended Akrapovič Sound Kit is also available for full control over the exhaust valves in any driving mode.

Please Note: For installing the Slip-On system only, the stock exhaust system has to be cut. Please read the instructions carefully before the start of the installation.
It is highly recommended to combine the Slip-On system with the option Evolution Link pipe set for best performance and ease of installation. A ECU remap will be required when fitting the link-pipes as this removes the restrictive OPF filters.

Pre-Orders have begin with first orders being delivered around June 2019.