A Guide to ECU Remapping

What is ECU Remapping?

ECU Remapping is a specialist service that can boost the power and fuel efficiency of your car, making for a much more enjoyable driving experience.

Re-calibrating the ECU (engine control unit) is effectively a way of “tweaking” the settings on your car to increase power delivery. ECU Remapping allows car owners to maximise the performance of their vehicles, often increasing the horsepower by up to 45%  and torque by 35%.

Previously referred to as chipping or chip tuning, ECU Remapping generally involves updating software on your car, unlike in the past when it largely involved replacing the car’s chip and was a whole lot more complicated.

It is now a much easier and faster job than it was in the past and the software used it much more advanced than previous techniques.

What are the main Benefits

Some of the main benefits of ECU Remapping and Tuning include:

  • Your car and its engine will be more responsive when the accelerator is pressed
  • Smoother power delivery, making it safer and easier to overtake
  • Mpg is reduced and hence so is your carbon footprint
  • You will maximise the performance of your car, making for a much more enjoyable driving experience

Which cars benefit from ECU Remapping

Although ECU Remapping is generally popular with petrolheads and performance car owners alike, all cars can benefit from this service. Some examples of different vehicles which can highly benefit from it include campervans, mini-buses, towing vehicles, 4×4’s and minivans. These types of vehicles often have sluggish engines which consume a high volume of fuel while not reaching their maximum capability on the roads. A good ECU Remap can make for much smoother, safer and responsive driving.

Does it only benefit older vehicles?

ECU Remapping is far from something that is only carried out on older vehicles. When cars leave the factory they often haven’t been tuned to their maximum potential, hence torque, horsepower and mpg can be significantly increased by remapping the ECU. Often the first few models of a car will have a more limited performance, with the manufacturers increasing it when a new model is released or adding an extra performance package to later versions as an upgrade.

Not only this but sometimes new cars can vary in performance, even when they are the same make and model. You could drive two identical cars off the forecourt and run them on the dyno only to find one has significantly higher torque than the other or just that the power isn’t as high as the manufacturers claim. This is certainly not uncommon and is one of the issues that makes ECU Remapping such a popular service.

Want to enhance the performance of your car?

If you feel your car isn’t performing at it’s maximum capacity, a good diagnostics test and ECU remapping and tuning should have your car feeling in top form. At A Reeve Performance, we are specialists in ECU Remapping and Tuning of high-performance cars and racing car builds. We also are also an independent specialist in BMW, Audi, MINI & Porsche, offering specialist servicing from our King’s Lynn workshop. We carry out all servicing to an extremely high-standard and always as per the manufacturers recommendations.

We are based in King’s Lynn, Norfolk and we carry out a full and free diagnostics test on all vehicles that come in for ECU remapping and tuning. We are always happy to answer any questions you may have, just get in touch and we will be happy to help.